Working in my first RBD bug

The cinder manage command it’s only for independent rbd volumes. However, manage an already-managed volumes is allow by the api and there’re not exception raised.

When you try to manage an already-managed volume, you received an unhandled error: ‘UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘rbd_image’ referenced before assignment’

How to reproduce:
1)Create a volume:
‘cinder create 1 –name vol1’
2) try to manage the volume (you can check the host with ‘cinder show <vol1’s ID>’):
cinder manage <vol1’s host> <vol1’s ID>
3) On the c-vol you can appreciate the unhandled error.
When this happens the RBD driver should handle the error.

The RBD driver should catch the exception and show a custom message notifying the user.

So, trying to handle the problem inside the rbd driver.


Coding the unit test is still a challenge for me. Thanks to my mentor I learned about them and we added one to patch.

After coded it, It’s time to run the unit test in devstack:

  1. Use an environment. One way to do it:
    vagrant/cinder$ ./ -V

    the -V will create a virtual env for you

  2. Active the env:
    vagrant/cinder$ source env/bin/activate
  3. Check it, this should list all of the rbd tests, in that list should be our new one:
    vagrant/cinder$ testr list-tests | grep RBDTestCase


  4. Let’s run just that one test:
    vagrant/cinder$ testr run cinder.tests.unit.volume.drivers.test_rbd.RBDTestCase.test_manage_existing_with_invalid_rbd_image






Author: enriquetaso

Outreachy intern. Really happy to be part of OpenStack community. LinuxChix Argentina member. Python Girl.

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