Let’s play with Cinder and RBD (part 1)

After you ./stack (you may have a cluster issue):

(1) You need to check out your ceph configuration and see if everything is ok.

~/devstack$sudo ceph -s
  cluster <uuid>
  health HEALTH_OK

To check the size of your cluster:

~/devstack$ceph df

(2)  If you are using vagrant you can clone the cinder repo inside your vagrant share folder and link devstack with it:

~/devstack$sudo pip install -e /vagrant/cinder

(3) Give credentials. openrc exports evironment variables used by the commands line client ‘cinder’. This commandline tools (cinder, glance, nova, etc) need to know where to find the services (the endpoints). They acquire a token from keystone, and then use that token to contact their respecive service. so cinder-client needs to know where keystone and cinder-api are located (ip/port/uri).

~/devstack$. openrc admin admin

(4) Screen logs are just a record of the screens initiated by DevStack but you can check them anytime during the exectution. The information provided is very useful to debug any OpenStack service.


Captura de pantalla de 2016-07-06 23:23:24.png

We’ll use  c-api, c-vol, c-sch for part 2.

Mini GNU terminal tutorial

(Note the Ctrl and a keys are pressed at the same time)

  • Ctrl+a c – Creates a new Screen window. The default Screen number is zero.
  • Ctrl+a 0-9 – Switches between windows 0 through 9.
  • Ctrl+a n – Switches to the next window.
  • Ctrl+a k – Kills the current window. When the command is issued, you will be asked to confirm by entering a y or n.
  • Ctrl+a d – Detaches from a Screen.
  • Ctrl+a ? – Will display a list of all the command options available for Screen.
  • Ctrl+a | – Split vertically

read more?


Author: enriquetaso

Outreachy intern. Really happy to be part of OpenStack community. LinuxChix Argentina member. Python Girl.

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