OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

Before start this post, I want to thank the OpenStack Foundation to help me attend  the OpenStack Summit BOSTON! ❤


Second, but no less important I had the opportunity to meet the great @marinaz: Outreachy founder 😉 She had the great idea to meet all the interns attending to the summit!

I didn’t expect that happens ever, It was an unique moment when Marina, @vkmc (also an important Outreachy organizer) and us had dinner, talk about the future of Outreachy and ways to improved it.

One of the ideas I really like, is to implement a registration dashboard to help interns know which projects are more solicited and made choose easier. Some times you don’t know about all the companies listed and I could be a easy way to get a look. What do you think? 


So, Let’s go!

OpenStack Summit Boston

8-11 May: This Summit a new Forum concept debuted, bringing developers and operators to the same table for strategic planning discussions.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.53.12 PM

Edward Snowden interview 😮

When a saw on Twitter that Mark Collier was asking for suggested questions for his interview with Edward Snowden, I shocked. This keynote interview was amazing, an experience that I wont forget easily. From a remote location, Snowden fielded questions that OpenStack community submitted via Twitter, including why open source infrastructure matters in regards to data privacy and the ethical implications of working in open source:


I have the chance to be part of the Women of Openstack lunch and enjoy the enterview to powerfull women inside the industry.


It’s time for Latin America 

On Thursday morning, more than 30 technical leaders from the Latin America Movil and Claro teams met here in Boston with members of the OpenStack Foundation to discuss plans. The result?  They now have plans to drive community building in Latin America and bring like-minded community members and users together through meetups and OpenStack Days events. As an Latin member of the community I’m really waiting for this to happens!!! There’s not OpenStack Days events near to me and I want to be part!

Projects Updates

I couldn’t attend to all of them, but here you can watch all of them. !!

All the videos here

I have to stop here a second, and write about the OpenStack party at Fenway Park !!! My first OpenStack city party.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.54.47 PM

OpenStack Summmit 2016 – Barcelona

OpenStack is much more than just a specific set of software with discrete features. OpenStack is also the community that comes together to collaboratively creates technology, innovate and puh the state of computing forward. OpenStack software powers digital bussiness at some of the biggest companies and scientific efforts in the world. Wal-Mart runs online retail on OpenStack. BBVA and Banco Santander run customer-facing workloads on OpenStack . The European Organization for Nuclear Reaseach (CERN) processes massive amounts of data from the Large Hadron Collider to analyzer the fundamentals of physics using OpenStack. And the OpenStack community shares lessons learned about cloud usage and the cultural shifts we face with the changing technology landscape of today.

Jonathan Brye, executive director, OpenStack Foundation



25 – 28 October 2016

My first summit just passed.

Four days of adventures. I have never participated in a event so massive: workshops, talks, the Marketplace.

I felt comfortable speaking english, as I’m Spanish-speaker, language communication represented  one of my fears. Attending  to a international summit for first time, with  people from all over the world… I had to be able to share an interesting conversation. Finally, this issue was not big deal. I tried my best and I think people understand me  😛

I really enjoy being part of this event.



The four-days  summit is divided between the normal summit and the Design Summit, which is set on the last days. At Design Summits the developers community gathers to brainstorm the requirements for the next release, discuss the implementation details and connect with other community members.

I joined the Cinder room to be part of the discussion, and finally met the people behind the IRC. It was really intense and people discussed about the future of cinder and next releases.



I met  OpenStack interns for round 12 and some of the old rounds too. It was excited to share the activity and energy around OpenStack with them.

It was great to see such a diverse, global group of users, developers and business leaders at this Summits. I’m honored to be part of this community.



“How to become a significant contributor to OpenStack if you live outside the US”. Since I’m from Argentina: one of my main challenge are locale requirement. I really feel represented with this talk:

You can watch all the talks  here

Thanks for reading!

The power of community

Hello, what’s up?

I’m so happy to announce that  I talked about all I’ve learned in my internship with OpenStack in two events. My internship finished but not my contributions.

  1. ARGCONF  at RedHat Arg


I joined vkmc in her talk about The power of community. This was my first talk ever so I was an important experience for me.

I talked about the contribution workflow. Since this could be a bit confused for incoming people It’s cool to add this topic.  Workflow, and conventions are still an issue for me in such a bit community, but luckily it’s easy to find help.

Slides Argconf here

2. LinuxChixArg meetup

The most shocking of the meetup was that @stringarray an ex-outreachy intern attended!! She join us and talked about her experience working with Gnome 6 years ago.

We gave an especial place to Outreachy this time, talking about our experiences and time working on the internship. I hope attends enjoyed the meet as much as I did. We try to share of motivation with FOSS every day.


@cynpy shared our next events project: PyCon Argentina.


Something else?


I also join #OutreachyChat to advice applicants for the incoming round of Outreachy 😀


What’s next?

I’ll attend to OpenStack Summit Barcelona (24th-29th October)!! I can’t wait for it.

I ‘ll also attend to PyCon Ireland!


Working in my first RBD bug

The cinder manage command it’s only for independent rbd volumes. However, manage an already-managed volumes is allow by the api and there’re not exception raised.

When you try to manage an already-managed volume, you received an unhandled error: ‘UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘rbd_image’ referenced before assignment’

How to reproduce:
1)Create a volume:
‘cinder create 1 –name vol1’
2) try to manage the volume (you can check the host with ‘cinder show <vol1’s ID>’):
cinder manage <vol1’s host> <vol1’s ID>
3) On the c-vol you can appreciate the unhandled error.
When this happens the RBD driver should handle the error.

The RBD driver should catch the exception and show a custom message notifying the user.

So, trying to handle the problem inside the rbd driver.

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Debugging in Python

Python Conquers The Universe

As a programmer, one of the first things that you need for serious program development is a debugger.

Python has a debugger, which is available as a module called pdb (for “Python DeBugger”, naturally!). Unfortunately, most discussions of pdb are not very useful to a Python newbie — most are very terse and simply rehash the description of pdb in the Python library reference manual. The discussion that I have found most accessible is in the first four pages of Chapter 27 of the Python 2.1 Bible.

So here is my own personal gentle introduction to using pdb. It assumes that you are not using any IDE — that you’re coding Python with a text editor and running your Python programs from the command line.

Some Other Debugger Resources

  • For information on the IDLE interactive debugger, see the IDLE documentation
  • For information on the Wing IDE debugger, see…

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